Twitter Emoticons, Twitter Emoji Collection

Use simple tool given below to include emoticons into your twitter tweets. Type your custom message in simple tool given below, whenever you want to include an emoticon, simply click on appropriate emoticon icon. After entering all text, simply click on tweet button to share this emoticon to your twitter profile 🙂

Watch simple video tutorial given below to learn how to use twitter emoticons in twitter tweets :

Embed this tool on your site, simply copy paste this HTML code wherever you want to add this tool

<iframe src=”” style=”width:100%;height:800px;” width=”100%” height=”500″ scrolling=”yes” class=”iframe-class” frameborder=”0″></iframe>


Easily Publish Twitter Emoticons With Toolkit For Twitter Chrome Extension

Toolkit for twitter chrome extension comes with emoticon tool for easily sharing twitter emoticons to your twitter profile. For more information take a look at simple video tutorial given below that describes how to use toolkit for twitter chrome extension for sharing twitter tweets with emoticons.