How To Unfollow Multiple Accounts On Twitter

Toolkit for twitter provides multiple features for managing your twitter account. Toolkit for twitter can be used to unfollow all profiles with ease.

Click all unfollow buttons tool provided in twitter toolkit allows you to unfollow all twitter accounts by clicking unfollow buttons one by one. Toolkit for twitter chrome extension will click all unfollow buttons for you. After clicking all unfollow buttons , all unfollow buttons that are currently visible on your screen will be clicked automatically for you.

To better understand working of this tool, please watch simple video tutorial given below that demonstrate use of click all unfollow button tool to remove all twitter followers :

Steps to unfollow all followed Profiles On Twitter :

1 . First make sure you have downloaded and installed Toolkit For Twitter Chrome extension for your Chrome web browser

2. After installing toolkit for twitter chrome extension, click on chrome extension icon to navigate to, make sure you are already logged into you twitter account, if you are not logged in then you will be asked to log into your twitter account.

3. After , that , you will see a screen similar to screenshot given below :

How To Unfolow All Profiles On Twitter

4. Now you need to scroll down at the bottom of this page, using scroll down buttons so that all unfollow buttons are clearly visible to you.

5. After that click on “Click All Unfollow Buttons” tool to unfollow all profiles and clear your twitter profile.

When unfollow process is complete, your screen will appear like the screenshot given below, this will remove all followers from your twitter account.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.14.34 PM