How To Remove All Twitter Favorites and Twitter Likes From Your Twitter Account

Toolkit for twitter easily removes all titter favorites and twitter likes from your twitter account. Now you don’t need to manually click all unlike buttons on twitter, all you can do is use click all unfollow tool provided by twitter toolkit for removing twitter likes. Toolkit for twitter allows you to easily unfavorite all tweets on twitter with ease.

To remove all twitter likes, follow simple steps given below :

1. Make sure you already have installed Toolkit for Twitter chrome extension on your chrome web browser, after that log in into your twitter account.

2. Navigate to , scroll down till the bottom of the page to make all unlike buttons visible to you.

3. Start “Toolkit for Twitter” chrome extension by clicking on chrome extension, once it is started, click on “Click all Unlike Buttons” tool and allow it to click all unlike buttons to remove all likes from your twitter account, after all buttons are clicked, you will see an alert message similar to screenshot given below :

Remove all twitter favorites and twitter likes

To better understand this, watch this simple video tutorial given below which describes how to remove all likes from your twitter account