How To Follow Multiple Twitter Accounts at Once

Twitter toolkit allows you to follow multiple profiles at once . One single click will allow you to follow more than once profile at once. Toolkit for twitter comes with “Click All Follow Buttons” tool , this tool will click all follow buttons that are currently visible on your screen.

Why We Need To Follow Multiple Profiles on twitter

Following multiple profiles will increase exposure of your twitter account and will help you to get more followbacks, this will indirectly increase your number of followers because your twitter profile will receive more followbacks.
To better understand working of this tool, please watch video tutorial given below that describes how to follow multiple profiles on twitter using toolkit for twitter :

First make sure you already have toolkit for twitter installed on your chrome web browser, if you don’t have it then you can simply download it form chrome web store.

After downloading this tool, navigate to and log in into your twitter account.

After entering into your twitter account, navigate to and scroll down , so that all follow buttons are visible to you.

After that use “Click All Follow Buttons” tool to follow all twitter profiles at once, once all profiles are followed you will see an alert message similar to screenshot given below

How to follow multiple twitter profiles at once on twitter

Things to consider

If you followed, too many profiles then your twitter timeline will get filled by irrelevant posts, to get ride of irrelevant posts and remove all followers form your twitter account, use “Click all Unfollow Buttons” tool provided in toolkit for twitter which will help you to get rid of all followers.