How To Favorite Multiple Tweets On Twitter (Like Multiple Tweets)

Twitter toolkit is a chrome extension that comes with “Click All Like Buttons” tool that easily allows you to like all tweets that are currently displayed on your twitter account.

To understand working of this tool, please watch video tutorial about how to like multiple tweets on twitter :

Why To Like Multiple Tweets On Twitter

It will increase exposure of your twitter account, Pressing heart button on a tweet will add that tweet in your favorites. It allows you to express your feelings for a twitter, so if you like more tweets it will help you to spread more love.

How To Like Multiple Tweets Using Toolkit For Twitter

1. First make sure that twitter toolkit is installed on your twitter account, if it is not installed then you need to download toolkit for twitter chrome extension from chrome web store and install it. Toolkit for twitter is a free chrome extension.

2. Make sure you are logged into your twitter account, then navigate to, and scroll down so that more tweets will be visible to you.

3. After that , simply start “Toolkit for Twitter” chrome extension and click on “Click All Like Buttons” tool  to add all tweets to your favorites.

4. Toolkit for twitter will iterate over all visible like buttons and click them one by one, once all tweets are liked, your screen will appear similar to screenshot given below :

Add Multiple Tweets To Favorites