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How To Use Multiple Instagram Accounts Using Account Manager

Many people prefer to view their Instagram accounts from their computer. It can become a tedious job to manager multiple Instagram accounts. There is an easy solution to this problem, which will allow you to easily use multiple Instagram accounts.

Using account manager , you can easily switch between multiple accounts with few clicks. All y

How to use account manager chrome extension for using multiple Instagram accounts

Please take a look at simple video tutorial given below which describes how easy it is to use multiple Instagram accounts with ease

For using multiple Instagram accounts, you must have account manager chrome extension installed on your web browser, which you can get from chrome web store.

After downloading account manager follow simple steps given below :

  • Log in into first Instagram account that you would like to save in account manager for future use.
  • After logging in, click on account manager icon and then click on “Add current Account” button to save it into account manager
  • Account manager will automatically log you out so that you can log into another Instagram account.
  • Now log in into another Instagram account that you would like to save into account manager chrome extension.
  • After log in, click on “Add Current Account” button to save this account into account manager chrome extension.

  • After saving all accounts, simply click on account names to use those accounts and switch between all accounts that are currently saved. To log into

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